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WestStar MultiMedia Entertainment services radio and online affiliates in the Unites States, Canada and via the Armed Forces Radio Network.

This area offers programming, promotional, and engineering support for syndicated shows. This is also the area for potential program directors to peruse our technical specs and program offerings.

Affiliates Center

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Content Creation

WestStar Multimedia Entertainment is headquartered in a state of the art digital production facility in the heart of Phoenix, Arizona. We produce programs that appeal to a wide variety of people from all walks of life. Our programs can be created to work on any platform. Webcasts, television shows, and podcasts can all be done under one roof.


Our signature show, The Kim Komando Show, is the number one talk show about tech. Digital Diva® Kim Komando is heard on more than 420 radio stations around the country. The Other Side is the only talk show of its kind. Psychic Medium Jamie Clark has been helping people connect to their deceased loved ones for more than 17 years.

Holiday/ Specialty

An American Christmas is one of the most popular holiday shows on the radio. Hosted by Mannheim Steamroller’s founder, Chip Davis, this special Christmas Eve and Christmas Day program features some of his beloved Christmas melodies. Hear great stories and narrations about the traditions surrounding Christmas and enjoy the best and most popular holiday music this season.

KSN, the Komando Shopping Network is the first products program of its kind on the web. Host Kim Komando features her signature merchandise during a live webcast.


The audio team at WestStar produces Komando on Demand featuring a tech-related human interest story every week. Tech News This Week reviews the week’s top tech related headlines and gives great tips on keeping your data safe. Our Podcast Partners Program offers companies the ability to feature a product or service on their very own podcast. Some of the companies featured include Epson, Tuft & Needle and Sentinel.

Premium Content

The Kim Komando Show is taped live with 11 HD studio cameras and is webcast live to subscribers of Kim’s Club. The Komando Tech News Inserts are seen on TV newscasts around the US and Canada.


For technical specs and show clocks go to our Affiliates Center.

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We want to enrich
people’s lives

We set out to educate, inform, and entertain. We produce programs that get people to engage. Our content makes people think, gives them hope, makes them laugh, and even makes them cry. Some of our shows can teach you to save money, protect your identity, and learn a new trick or two.

Kim Komando Show

America’s most listened to show about tech airs on more than 400 radio stations around the country. It’s also heard around the globe via the Armed Forces Radio Network. Kim has been offering her unique brand of tech savvy for more than 20 years. She’s been honored many times for the work she’s done on the show.

Consumer Tech Update

Award-winning host Kim Komando offers her :60 second view on the impacts of technology in everyday life. Whether it’s related to politics, entertainment, finances, or education, Kim appeals to a wide variety of people and her Consumer Tech Update informs and entertains. It’s definitely ‘water cooler’ material.

Komando en Espanol

The newest addition to the WestStar family is Komando-branded content for the Spanish speaking audience. Realizing that valuable tech and lifestyle information was absent from mainstream Spanish programming, Kim set out to produce some of her premium content in that language, produced by award-winning broadcasters.

Komando in CAnada

Through a partnership with Canada’s largest syndicator, The Kim Komando Show and related content can now be heard on 300 radio stations throughout the country of Canada. Kim’s television tech segments can also be seen on some of Canada’s most popular television newscasts.

An American CHristmas

Through an exclusive partnership with Mannheim Steamroller founder Chip Davis, An American Christmas has become one of the most popular Christmas shows on the airwaves. The 12-hour program is hosted by Chip and features his widely popular holiday music. Sprinkled in are some great historical vignettes and other classic Christmas tunes.

Production Services

The WestStar MultiMedia team creates content for the eyes and ears – and they’re really good at it!

WestStar is a 24,000 square foot facility which houses a 3,500 square foot television studio outfitted with 10 HD video cameras and a green screen area. There are also 2 video edit bays, 2 audio edit suites, and a high-quality voice over booth. There is also a state of the art master control room and a studio for radio, podcasting and webcasting. WestStar Production Services can also handle outside clients who need any type of audio/video production, editing and packaging.

Video Production / Editing
Adobe Premier
Audio Production / Editing
Green Screen
HD Cameras
Studio Facilities

Studio/Facility Rentals

The studios are equipped with 3 permanent sets, one of which is used exclusively for the Kim Komando Show. One of our sets is equipped with large LED monitors for custom backdrops or text. It also has an anchor/host desk. Our third set is perfect for a sports talk show or can be adjusted for any theme. In the corner of the studio is a green screen – our team can help you choose a custom green screen template so you can insert yourself into any themed location. Rent by the hour or by the day. Our production team has the expertise to create most any setting you need.

Digital Editing Services

Our 2 video edit bays are equipped with Premier After Effects, Avid and Pro Tools. We can handle any edit project. Our 2 audio edit suites have Adobe Audition, Pro Tools and SAW. The audio suites have multiple mic inputs and can accommodate taped or live interviews. Our voice-over booth is equipped with state of the art deadening materials to provide -100 degree voice experience. It is suitable for commercial, documentary and podcast voiceover. It’s also perfect to record audio books.

Network Live Shot Services

WestStar Production Services is part of the LTN Network which allows digital high speed connection to facilities around the world. Our studios have been used to accommodate Senators, members of Congress, and other newsmakers. It’s also a perfect set up for a satellite tour for those who are promoting a book or product. We can also service breaking news events and can staff the studio at a moment’s notice, including other time zones and countries.


WestStar MultiMedia can help you grow your business through targeted research and advertising.

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WestStar is pleased to offer our advertising clients with a true 360 degree multi-media platform, including national radio, national television, website, mobile, newsletters, dedicated email, and social media, reaching a very loyal audience of higher income adults that trust the products and services that Kim Komando recommends.


Unlike most other national networks, WestStar offers select marketers the opportunity to strategically align with our multimedia network in very meaningful ways, with crafted packages designed to create client deliveries that go beyond standard advertising placements. An opportunity to inter-weave your company with WestStar.


Our highly-experienced professional team of marketing, media, advertising, production, and content experts, can craft a personal marketing initiative to maximize advertisers return-on-investment, while making the most of every invested advertising dollar. With many platform and frequency options, our team can craft a cost-effective initiative to accommodate any reasonable budget.

Content Driven

In today’s overly-saturated media environment, it takes more that commercials and display ads to generate significant response. WestStar ensures our advertisers success thru a strategic combination of media placements, as well as supportive content and articles, designed to keep an advertisers brand “top-of-mind” on all Komando media platforms.

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At WestStar MultiMedia Entertainment, as each of our shows, stories, listeners, and readers are unique, we know that each team member is unique. Still, in this, we share the same mission. That is, to operate for the good of all, to motivate and inspire excellence, to empower and make a positive difference in the lives of many.

Upward Mobility

WestStar MultiMedia encourages its employees to seek out new opportunities within the company and learn new skills in multimedia.

Content Creators

WestStar MultiMedia is always looking for talented writers to contribute to one of the most visited websites in the technology industry.

Competitive Benefits

Full-time employees receive competitive medical and retirement coverage, paid vacation, sick days and holidays.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

WestStar MultiMedia operates with an entrepreneurial spirit and embraces the small business model. WMS is owned and operated by its founders, Kim Komando and Barry Young, and is located in Phoenix, Arizona.

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